Products that Perform

Absolute Enterprises is the exclusive agent for Sierra (Aust) products in the Mackay region. We represent this range of products because we know that Sierra formulations far outperform their domestic competitors.
Sierra (Aust) specialises in the manufacture and distribution of vehicle detailing products and workshop consumables to clients throughout Queensland and Australia. With strong links in both national and international markets, Sierra (Aust) has become a recognised leader in the design, testing and production of superior-quality products suitable for our harsh Australian conditions.

Sierra’s production facility is capable of producing batch volumes as small as 200 litres or as large as 10 kilolitres, and pack sizes range from 200ml bottles to 1000 litre IBCs. The bulk of our business however is in the 20 litre to 200 litre drums.

At Absolute we stand by Sierra’s commitment to provide the best products, and service available, and guarantee Sierra products to perform as specified, with no exceptions.

Citrus 6000

The Citrus 6000 Cleaner, Sierra’s standout product, is a revolutionary new concept in cleaning. It is a highly concentrated, multi-purpose cleaning product which can be used neat in applications requiring a strong degreaser, or diluted to as little as 40:1 for minor cleaning situations.

A true testament to the versatility of this product, Citrus 6000 is used in restaurants, hotels, for car detailing, auto OEM, the mining industry, workshops and on fishing trawlers. It is also used by various councils and authorities for cleaning everything from council buses to floors and concrete. Citrus 6000 is also approved for use in the food processing and export industries, and carries the AQIS approval.

Penizine & Penizine Plus

Penizine and Penizine Plus offer superb lubrication with the protection of technical grade lanolin. Once applied, Penizine will not wash off with water, making it an ideal protectant in humid and marine environments. Penizine may be used for the long-term preservation of parts as well as a transit coating for exporting. It is safe on most surfaces, including alloy components.

Its uses include:

  • Surface coating
  • Lubricant
  • Penetrant
  • Machining

Fleet Wash (Vehicle Ultragloss)

Fleet wash is the absolute highest level in automotive cleaning technology. Its highly concentrated formula not only cleans a vehicle’s paintwork, but conditions the top coat to add shine and visibly reduce imperfections and marks.  The inclusion of lanolin, together with a broad spectrum protectant, means that Fleet Wash also offers the best possible defence against corrosion.  Fleet Wash can be safely used on every vehicle from prime movers to passenger cars.

Its many uses include:

  • Cars and trucks – leaves paintwork gleaming and beading for weeks.
  • Mining vehicles – provides the best protection available. Makes subsequent cleaning easier.
  • Industrial – sheds, caravans and all painted surfaces.
  • Marine – assists in preserving gel coat.


Re-Mov-it has been a proven and popular hand cleaner in both the automotive, mining & heavy earth moving industries for over 10 years.  Re-Mov-it contains added scrubber beads which assist in getting even the most stubborn and ground-in dirt and grease from hands.  Unlike traditional hand cleaners that have a reputation for causing industrial dermatitis, Re-Mov-it’s natural ingredients offer safe, effective cleaning.

Containing a blend of natural citrus oils in lotion form, Re-Mov-it is a strong, effective hand cleaner with the addition of lanolin for a natural skin softener.Sierra hand cleaners are strong and effective, yet leave the skin feeling soft, clean and lightly fragranced.  From the workshop to the bathroom, there’s a product to suit your needs.

All Sudds Laundry Liquid

All Sudds Laundry Liquid and All Sudds Laundry Powder (concentrated) are a blend of detergents and optical brighteners for the heaviest of loads, both with a pleasant fragrance.  These products are also available in Lemon, which is almost phosphate-free, making it ideal for septic usage.